March 2020

(English version)

Don't expect opera, this is progressive rock, called OP3RA. 
The band with the pompous name of OPERA, which uses the number "3" instead of the letter "E", embarked on a very interesting direction judging by its presentation. A self-titled album released only in digital format which, for a modest fee, can be downloaded from the band's website. There aren't many details about Opera and very few info was provided by the boys in the cover mail sent to our editorial staff. On you can read: “Opera is a rock-progressive band that was founded in 2019. Main author of the music is Mauro Paderni. Drums are played by Roman Sobotka, who together with Mauro is a founding member of the band. Later on, Jarda Kubr (guitar) and Ján Firek (bass) joined them. The band of experienced musicians was then complete and ready for live performances. Opera has a unique sound sailing the seas of rock with the energy of prog”. The album download also includes a digital booklet which contains a nice graphic artwork, lyrics and information on the origin of the record. I'm not a musician able to judge the complexity of a record, but as a fan of rock music, I hear a lot of notes here. At times it's a pretty complicated record. It does not excel in speed; it somehow flows peacefully. There are also nice guitar solos. However, the progressive vein is a little harmful to the vocals, which could benefit more from the songwriting. These are not really ordinary songs that could be played by some regular radio. Bottom line, fans of progressive rock, wake up. I haven't heard this on the Czech scene in a long time. This is a really original OP3RA. For Rockpalace by Honza Holý

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